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Whistle While You Work #4

Tomas and Maleena turned to the door as Hennessy walked in. The wizard was smiling as he looked at their table. “Have you almost finished eating?”

Both nodded. Tomas felt his face flush. He wondered if his whistling last night had been heard by the old man. The punishment for using music without training depended on what your accidental spell song accomplished. His failure might be worth a few lashes.

Hennessy pointed to a sausage on the plate and Maleena nodded. The meat disappeared with a satisfied sound before the wizard waved his hands. “Well hurry up or we will be late.”

“Late for what?” Maleena asked.

“You didn’t tell her?”

Tomas shook his head. “I don’t know what you are talking about Master Hennessy.”

The old man looked at Tomas as if he were addled. “The assembly! The school will finish enchanting the next staff tonight.”

The carpenter and his wife stared at the flustered wizard with confusion. His face grew red and his eyes widened. “How could you forget? I have been talking about this for months.”

Maleena smiled at him. “Sir, we only joined you two weeks ago.”

Hennessy’s mouth dropped open for a second before he flattened like a sheet falling off the drying lines. “Oh.”

Tomas stood and offered the wizard his chair, but Hennessy waved him off. “No, there is no time. We must leave soon if we are to arrive in time.”

Flapping his hands at the woman as she started to gather the plates, Hennessy shooed the pair to their room. “You must put on your finest cloths as fast as you can. Even with my magic, it will take us most of the day to reach Paranna. Hurry, and you will get to experience the most amazing magical ritual of the century.”

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