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Whistle While You Work #12

Tomas opened his eyes, looking up at the ceiling of his room in confusion. He was confused, but the memory of the ebony woman was clear. The memory of the runners chasing him was clear.

How he had ended up in his bed with Maleena’s body pressed against him was not clear.

She shifted and moved, the sensation of her hot skin rubbing against his painting a smile on his face. Tomas felt twinges of pain from the scrapes and bruises he received trying to escape the runners, but the feeling of his wife lying beside him chased the aches away.

Tomas wound his arm around her and she made a purring sound. He closed his eyes again and traced a line down her back. She placed her palm on his chest and slid her hand over his body until he groaned.

“You are awake and well.”

His eyes snapped back open and Tomas gasped.

Lady JoTaugh sat up. Tomas stared at her with his mouth open.


She smiled. “I have returned you to your bed after you fell.”


The creature smiled. “Shhhh. I will return to you soon. We have a great number of things to discuss.”


She traced her fingers over his chest. “All wizards are made with training. I heard you whistle, you can do it. I wish to help you.” She leaned forward and placed a kiss on his chest.

Tomas’s mouth moved, but no words came out.

When the door latch clicked, Tomas jumped into a sitting position. He squeaked out a sound of terror as Maleena walked in, but his wife just looked at him in confusion before rushing to him.

“What happened? How did you get hurt?”

Tomas looked beside him, but the bed was empty.

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