Moon Flower

It was unusual for the children to be outside after dark. Their mother was the sort who believed that you should come in and read or play a game after the sun had set. Their father didn’t carry much of an opinion one way or the other.

But the meteor shower was something special. It was a once in a lifetime chance, so the whole family had went out to sit under the stars.

When both of the parents were yawning and nodding a bit, they decided to go in. With the moon high in the sky and streaks of fire flashing between the stars, the youngest girl had walked to the edge of the woods.

Melody smiled at the flower. It had slick petals which reflected so much moon light that the young girl thought it was glowing. She picked it, breathed in the scent, and smiled.

She fell asleep staring at it. The flower was in a glass of water on the window seal between her and her older sister’s bed.

The flower had not wilted much, and now, it seemed to be getting better. It was lying on the floor, one side resting in a pool of blood.

The creature, still wearing a pink t-shirt, took a cautious step through the doorway. It sniffed the air before heading down the hall.

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