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Have a happy holiday everyone

I sat staring at my fingertips. They were turning black, like I was dipping them into ink. It was moving up to the first knuckle, and I couldn’t help but wonder why I couldn’t feel it. There was no sensation, but it was still happening.

It might have been my imagination, but I thought the tips were becoming pointed. If I was right, I might be able to draw with them in a few minutes. Not that I could draw, I had almost no artistic talent, but maybe I could scribble out a grocery list four lines at a time or something.


“Is that really what you want to say?”

Tom jumped. “I hate it when you sneak around. You know that right?”

“I know,” Mary said. “But I love making you jump.”

Tom shook his head and looked back up at the monitor. “No, it isn’t what I want to say, but I don’t know what else to say.”

Mary sat down on the arm of the recliner and leaned over, putting her arm around his shoulders. “Just keep writing,” she said. “That is the really important thing.”

He shook his head and sighed. “Do you need any help?”

She squinted at the bottom of the display. “I need help after you manage to get another thousand words or so on the page. Until then, you keep typing.”

He grinned. “Alright. I will.”

When she stood she pulled her shirt up and flashed him. “If you hurry, you might be happy with the help I need.”

Tom groaned and began to type.

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