A New Home

We sat in the growing dark, the sun already below the horizon. What little light remained was blocked out by the limbs above us. We kept our lights off.

The words were whispered into my ear. So quiet that they were felt more than heard. The touch of her breath sent shivers down my spine. “How much longer?”

I shrugged. I had no way to know. She knew that, but I thought the question was more to banish the silence and her fear of the dark than to find out how long we would wait to see them.

The rustling above us was the sign I had been waiting for. I clicked on my little light, the tiny sense covered with red tape to make the light less obvious.

The box had been built on a weekend. I had climbed the tree and hung it a week later. There was o way to know when they had found it, but now, we watched the little owl stick its head out into the world.

I felt her tremble, and smiled, as we watched our new friend fly away in silence.

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