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Better late than never

Sorry for the delay. I screwed up. (Shrug)

Physical Therapist

Mary ran her fingers over the connectors, making sure that they had adhered to the skin. “Are you ready?”, she asked.


She turned the knob. There was a soft clicking sound as the machine began to push current into the man’s muscles. Mary could see the skin twitch as his muscles reacted to the electricity. “Now tell me when its good.”

He could handle the machine being turned up to 14. This was much more than most, but nowhere near as high as the device would go. Pansy, she thought. Just like all the rest. Wimps and pansies.


The bar was far more crowded for a Tuesday night that was typical. Mary looked over her shoulder as another group of mongoloid undergrads stomped in.

“You need another?”

She turned back to the bartender, nodding. “Why so many people tonight?”

“Everyone is tryin to get a few in before the snow storm hits in the mornin.”

Three different guys tried hitting on her, but Mary knew they weren’t going to be up to the task. They looked weak.


The little brunette that sat down beside her was also a student. She had dark eyes and tattoos on her collar bones. Piercings all over her face showed that she wasn’t afraid to experiment. The little rainbow pin on her jacket said that she was trying to succeed where the boys had been shot down.

Mary was about to turn away, but then she noticed the scars on the girls wrist. It was a pattern, like a celtic knot, but it was deep. She had branded it into her skin.

Mary smiled. “Hello there.”


“Are you sure?”, Mary asked.

The girl nodded. “I’ll try anything you want to.”

Mary smiled as she slipped the gag into the young woman’s mouth. Then she started applying the connectors, making sure they had adhered to the skin properly. She reached down, put her fingers on the knob, and felt a tingle in her own stomach as the soft clicking started up. They would be going way past 14 tonight.

The girl screamed, and Mary moaned.

Then she turned the knob again.

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