Josh dropped to the ground and rolled to his right. He felt the whoosh of air above him a second before the heat of the blast. He could smell his hair singing before he was behind the air conditioning unit.

“You can’t hide back there all night warden.”

“I can try,” Josh yelled. Another wave of fire rolled around him and his impromptu wind break. He felt heat against his back and wondered if the cinder fairy could melt the metal.

He heard a high pitched, cackling laugh before a third wave of fire rolled along the roof around him. “He’s right,” Josh mumbled as he looked around him. “That thing is probably going to start circling me.”

The fourth wave licked against his left boot.

“Damn it,” Josh said as he shifted away to the right. His tattoos were itching. The magic in his skin was anxious, waiting to be released against the fairy. He would have been happy to oblige the sentient ink but he was too far away.

Another high pitched laugh was followed by a deep throated impression of a southern accent. “I smell me some barbecue.” The creature laughed again, and fire hit Josh’s hiding spot from even further around.

The  surface of the roof was hot where it had gotten blasted a few moments before. The heat coming off the metal housing was enough to force Josh to move away from his cover a bit.

“I am so screwed,” he said, looking at the small fires that surrounded him.

When the next blast stopped, Josh darted towards edge. He heard the fire coming for him and realized that he wasn’t going to make it.


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