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The Hours #1

The trip had seemed like such a good idea when I first suggested it. We five, childhood friends, would take an afternoon and boat on the river. The parson had told me that it was possible to rent rafts so that you did not need to invest so heavily in your leisure. So after making inquiries and placing orders for packaged lunches, I whisked my companions away for a leisurely float through the countryside.

I traveled round, picking up each in turn since my family had a coach large enough to accommodate the lot of us. First was my Mary. She looked stunning and I found my heart racing as she sat beside of me on the bench. Her long blonde hair was pulled up with sparkling pins that made her sparkle like a fairy flitting over the fields. She offered no affection on our meeting, but once the cart was underway and we were beyond her mother’s disapproving glare, she proved as wanton as ever. I would have feared the other’s opinions, but as always, we made ourselves presentable before arriving at the next destination.

Mark was waiting for us at his gate and such was his enthusiasm that he practically leapt onto the bench. As was his way, not a thread nor a hair were out of place. He smiled and chattered the entire way, excited for a chance to avoid learning more of his father’s business.

Samantha, as always, seemed above Mark’s joy as she sat stiff on the opposite bench. She smiled with tight lips, fussing with her hat as we made for our way to pick up our last member. She smoothed her skirts and looked out the windows as she gauged the distance and time left to this leg of our journey. She made a final, furious check of herself when the cart came to a stop, and held her breath as the last of our number crawled in beside her.

Carl greeted us all before putting a tree trunk sized arm around Samantha’s shoulders. The girl changed as rapidly as paper touched to a burning brand. She relaxed and melted to mold herself against Carl’s form. They sat like that, neither ceasing to touch the other, for the rest of the ride.




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