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The Hours #2

We sat upon the river, intent on a relaxing trip, with the sky clear and the sun bright. The day was still fresh and we had a short time until lunch. My intention had been for us to stop at some clearing along the bank for lunch and then to push back out and continue our float. The river was slow and lazy, offering us just enough current to keep us moving along.

Mark sat in the back, making a cushion of himself for Samantha to recline against. She had removed her sweater, allowing the sun’s warmth to soak into her midnight skin. Mark’s fair arms rested on his knees and she traced her finger tips in lazy lines from elbow to wrist. I marveled at their contrasts, constantly amazed that neither’s parent took issue with the differences. Oh to live in such enlightened times.

Carl sat in the middle, fiddling with a tiny guitar. The poor sod had no voice, so instead of singing he just strummed tunes as best he could. I felt for him, alone in our group as he was, but  there was nothing to be done for it. He was an effeminate man who had attached himself to Mark and I as children. I would not exclude him for he had proven to be a fast friend over the years.

I had my own back to the prow of our tiny ship and Mary sat back in my lap as Samantha sat in Mark’s. I kept my face close to the back of her head, enjoying the smell of her hair as it mingled with the smell of honeysuckle the grew along the river’s bank.

We let the river lead us on and chatted as the sun crawled towards mid-day. Carl sat his instrument down and sprawled out, beginning to snore after finding a comfortable position. Mark and Samantha exchanged a few chaste kisses, but soon slipped into slumber as the warm spring day worked its magic on them.

Once they were asleep, Mary had turned and kissed me with such passion as to leave me light headed. She settled against me, murmured something about how lovely this idea had been, and promptly dozed off like the rest of my crew.

I could hear the heavy breathing of the four of them. I listened to the buzzing of bees as they raided the honeysuckle. I looked into the sky and watched a hawk soaring high above us. The great bird let the warm breeze carry it as we let the river carry us and I wondered if it could fall asleep as it glided along.

As I began to slid into the warmth and darkness that my friends had already fell to, I thought I could hear distant bells. “I wonder if there is a wedding,” I mumbled, before I found my way into a lazy dream where Mary and I walked hand in hand down a wide country lane.

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