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The Hours #3

I opened my eyes to a sheet of gray and green. Trees limbs hovered above me, but did not move beyond a gentle swaying from the breeze.

I looked down, to see my ladies golden locks resting upon my chest, and sighed. We had all drifted into slumber and the boat had drifted to the bank. Waking to see Mary sleeping was enough reward to make this trip worth the effort. I looked around, checking the presence of the other three and then began shifting in an attempt to sit up without waking Mary.

The sky above us had grown gray, thick clouds hiding the sun from my view. I prayed that the rain would pass us by, fearing that a shower would ruin the ladies moods.

As I squirmed and wiggled I took stock of the trees we had settled under. They were thick trunked with dark, smooth bark that I did not recognize. I admit that I was no forester or sportsman, but I still felt that I should have some passing familiarity with the countryside I had grown up in.

My eyes traced the line of a thick vine around another near by tree. I followed it up to a sprouting of leaves and flowers and gasped. The flowers were bright green. Not like new leaves, but every bit as shiny as a christmas presents foil wrapping. The leaves were so dark green as to be almost blue and they were shaped like ferns rather than traditional ivy.

At this point, I abandoned my attempts to keep from waking Mary and instead sat up straight. She protested with a mumbled word before stretching and smiling at me. After a moment, the shock on my face made itself known through the fog of her nap and she stopped smiling while following my eyes to the Ivy.

“Carl,” I said. “Carl, wake up.” The biggest of our troupe was also an avid sports man. His home was decorated with the stuffed animals that he and his father and brothers had slain over countless hunts. “Wake up man. I need you to tell me where we are.”

“In a boat on the river,” he mumbled as he pulled Samantha tighter against his chest. “Where else might you think we are?”

His eyes opened, blinked to clear away the sleep and focused on the bank. A moment later, he was sitting up and leaning forward. His confusion was obvious and I felt my heart fill with chilling dread.


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