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The Hours #5

I don’t know what to say exactly. I must admit that I was overcome with fear. The look on Carl’s face as whatever it was dragged him off the boat had been so filled with terror that it had left me frozen in place.  I could no more have jumped into the water to attempt rescue than I could have flown into the clouds by flapping my arms.

Mark came up, gasping for air, and then went right back under the murky surface of the river. He repeated this many times, and each time he rose I expected to see another yellowish band wrapped around him.

When he finally crawled back into the boat, he began to cry. Samantha sat in the middle, hugging herself and shaking, but she did these things in an eerie silence that made our situation all the more frightening.

“We have to  get off the river.”

I received no response. Mary looked at me, though I have no words to describe the roil of emotions that moved over her delicate features. So I maneuvered the boat to a low spot on the bank and managed to drag us ashore.

I managed this without getting wet.

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