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The Hours #7

Mark and I ran back to the ladies. I cursed myself for stepping away from them in this alien place, praying in between self recriminations that my Mary was okay.

We burst into the small circle of trees and found them both standing on top of the log they had previously been sitting on. Just in front of them, on the bed of dry brown leaves, was a bright blue spot.

“What?” Mark said. He wasn’t a man of action, so even this short run left him gasping for breath.

Mary squeezed Samantha tight to her chest, pointing at the blue spot. She trembled, and refused to speak. Samantha seemed to be convulsing and I realized that a sound which resembled a cross between a giggle and cry of pain was worbbling through the air in time with her breathing.

Mark stepped closer and I made my place at his heel. The girls tensed, Samantha squeaking in the process, but neither left their spot on the log.

The spot was bright, like a glob of new paint dropped on an old cloth. It was no larger than a half crown and if it had not been blue, I would have believe that it might be a coin. It reflected light like a bit of foil as the sun peeked at it through the canopy. It did not move until Mark was no more than two long strides away. When his foot crunched on a dry leaf, the spot lifted up, revealing eight spindly legs.

“A spider,” he said with a sigh of relief. “It is just a spider.”

“Just a spider,” Samantha said. Her voice could not be described as a shriek, but only because it lacked the necessary volume. “That thing is a monster!”

Mark chuckled and looked back at me. “At least some of life’s constants are still in effect.” He moved closer, easing his way towards it. “No matter how odd this forest is, at least we can count on a spider to scare Miss Muffet off of her tuffet.” Mark jumped forward, stomping the little brute and ending its reign of terror with a little crunching sound.

I watched the tension ease out of Mary as her shoulders relaxed. Samantha still clung to her, but she had stopped making the mewling sounds of fear that had filled the clearing when we arrived.

“Why don’t we find ourselves another spot to camp for the night?” I said.

Mary walked Samantha over and put her into my arms. “Hold her while I grab our parasols,” She said.

I wrapped one arm around Samantha’s shoulders and the poor woman sagged against me, forcing me to hold her tight just to keep her on her feet. Mark looked at her with a sneer on his face, but thankfully he didn’t say anything. I attempted to give him a look of gratitude, hoping that my expression displayed my sentiment without revealing how much fear I carried. We were well and truly lost. Neither of us were experienced outdoors men and we had no real supplies. I worried at what would happen if we were to spend more than a single night out.

There was a huff and a crack which caused me to look up. Mary was standing with one of the parasols in her hand, but the crack had been her smacking the end upon the ground. She had just smashed another of the blue spiders.

“I thought you killed it.” She said.

“I did,” Mark said.

Mary opened her mouth to retort, but she was cut short as another spider landed on her arm. Herr words changed to a startled gasp and she dropped her weapon to attempt to brush the arachnid off. It flew free, but another landed on her shoulder.

I looked above us and felt my blood freeze as I watched a cloud of bright blue spots lowering themselves down from the canopy. I released Samantha and she landed on the ground in a sound like that of an old rug dropped into storage. Mark and I both took a step towards Mary, but he jerked away to swat at a spider on his arm and I stopped moving as one of the little bastards fell right in front of my face.

Mary screamed and a red spot appeared beneath one of the blue ones that decorated her dress. I swatted the bug away from my face and smashed one on the ground in front of my shoe, but I only managed another step. In the second that I had hesitated, my darling’s beautiful white sun dress had been splattered with a mix of red and blue spots. One of the little vermin had landed on her cheek and where it bit her before she managed to brush it away, blue lines spread over her skin as if drawn on there in ink. She swung her arms once more, then stiffened and looked at me with wide eyes. She mumbled a slurred and unintelligible word before slumping to the ground. More spiders landed on the ground between us, some scuttled toward me, others rushed to join their fellows as they swarmed over my fiance.

I stomped the ground, spinning to try and keep them away as I considered jumping over the remaining steps to attempt Mary’s rescue. Something hit my back and before I could turn, I was being drug backwards.


“No.” Mark screamed the word, dragging me off my heels as he pulled me away. “It’s too late. Stop!”

I regained my feet and whirled around. I had my fist drawn back with every intention of laying the womanly man on his ass so that I could resume my efforts to save my beloved. When I took aim, I saw a spider on his shoulder and changed my target. Mark staggered with the force of my strike, but his attacker burst, splattering his top coat with its brownish guts.

I turned back with every intention of running to Mary, but the sight of her, lying on the ground, covered with bright blue spiders, stopped me. She already looked withered. Her eyes were wide and her lips moved as if she were trying to say something. I wanted to walk forward, but everything seemed to shift to one side and I fell to the ground. The last thing I saw before a wave of black rolled over my vision was one of the spiders crawling out of her mouth.


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