Karen and I lay in the backseat of my father’s old Explorer. Despite the fact that we were sticking together due to sweat, neither of us moved. We didn’t want to stop touching.

“I don’t know if we can continue this,” she said. “If my family finds out, they’ll kill you.”

I kind of shrugged with one shoulder. “I think you’re worth the risk.”

She was smiling as she looked up into my eyes. I had always been amazed by how bright her eyes were at night. It was like looking at a cat that was sitting out on the porch. “I think I just might love …”

The window exploded in as a large, dark hand grabbed Karen’s head and drug her off of me and out of the car. I jumped up and spun to look into a set of glowing eyes.

The door came off next in a screech of metal. I was so shocked that I didn’t move. The thing grabbed my foot and dragged me out.

Whatever it was, it looked like the pictures of the troll under the bridge in my nursery rhyme books. It lifted me up by my ankle as Karen ran up and started beating on it’s stomach with both fist.

“Run,” I yelled. “Go!”

After a second of her ignoring me, I realized that she was screaming, “No daddy. Stop.”


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