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The Machine

The machine was not as complicated as I had thought it would be. In my naivety I had imagined my vision to have required whole new fields of science to bring it to life. How could an idea as wild as this be possible in this day and age?

Now, I am working in an abandoned factory. I have an electrical bill that is due and I have no way to pay it. I must flip the switch before they turn off the power. I would have liked to have gone through the math again, but there just isn’t time.

I flip the switch and the magnets power up. The fields fight to establish themselves and in that invisible world where things overlap, it happens.

I can’t see any results, but I can feel it. The hair on my body stands up and goose flesh rolls over my skin in waves. The sensation is not pleasant. I feel sick and it is escalating much faster than I expected.

I flip the switch thinking that I have enough to go back to the university with my findings. I will be able to take my machine and demonstrate my success to those who shunned me.

My sensation of illness grows stronger. The gauges still twitch as they monitor everything. I move to the breaker.

The breaker doesn’t stop it.

It is when I am down on my hands and knees, looking for a way to shut off the power, that I realize what this means.

There are tears in my eyes. I sit there, watching the needles lean to the side and listening to the clicking of my geiger counter as it gets faster.

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