After the invention of the memory jar, a lot of people believed that it would give everyone the equivalent of a photographic memory. In a way it did, but not how they thought.

The jar is simple, and a lot like a home movie. It did allow you to extract a memory for storage. It did allow you to re-integrate the memory so that you could have it back. But what it didn’t do was keep the copy. The memory was either in the jar or not. You couldn’t remember it if it was in the jar. If you kept it in your head, then it had the same ability of fading and distorting as your other memories. the technology is amazing, but it isn’t perfect.

It makes my line of work a lot easier in some ways. Memories are now admissible as evidence. What is taken is like a hard copy photo, so as long as it is fresh, it is guaranteed to be accurate. I can watch someone do something, then pull the memory and give it to the client to use how they want. You want me to follow someone and keep tabs on them, then you will get to experience the end of the stake out from my point of view. If I need to go to court, I just deliver a jar and go on my way. Case closed and pun intended.

The jar came out expensive for something like six months, then the price dropped. Now, everyone has them and it is nothing to get them. Before long, people will have shared so many memories that you’ll have trouble remembering what you did and what you didn’t actually do. Whole industries have popped up around selling people memories of things they didn’t do. Doesn’t matter if you went on the vacation or not, you remember it. Good, bad, legal or illegal, memories are the latest thing.

Which is why I am in the trouble I am. How in the hell do you process this? I woke up in a nice, soft bed. Woke up on clean, fresh sheets in a comfortable room and looked over to see a jar beside me with the word murder written on it.

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