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Well crap

My wife lost her dog on Tuesday. She is miserable and I am with her. As such, this update is being made from my phone and it is very short.


Dog days of summer

The heat of summer holds me down like an older brother after you embarrass them while their girlfriend is visiting. The humidity hits you harder than he did and as I get older it hurts more.

The ground is dry, the result of a drought that will most likely screw up crops next year too.

The dry ground means that I can’t dig the grave using just a shovel. So I walk over the hill to the barn. There is an old pick axe there. The head is wobbly but it will work, I just need to be careful.

Red clay now looks like brick-dust on a little league baseball diamond. It sticks to shoes and pants the same way too.

At least it is cloudy. A somber overcast on a hot day.

There won’t be any laughing or welcoming smiles for a while. That is what made me want to cry.

Sweat drips like tears. Both are salty and sticky. Both of them leave streaks on the one who shed them. Today, both are shed for the same reason.

Today is one of the dog days of summer and it will be mourned instead of enjoyed.

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