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Biology 201

April 30, 2014 1 comment

Very busy at work. Story only today.


Biology 201

Josh, his grandfather and Helen

Josh listened to the soft notes of a violin as it told a story of lost love. The notes pulled at his heart, bringing up images of the puppy he had been given three years ago. It had been a ball of black and tan fur that would follow behind him as he rode his bike. The driver who had hit the pup apologized and his mother had offered to get him another dog, but his Grandfather had been the one to sit with his hand on Josh’s shoulder. He had offered him support by saying nothing. He had just been there.

“This song seems to speak to you.”

Josh nodded. “It reminds me of Buster.”

The old man nodded. “Good music resonates with what you feel.”

Josh nodded and waited.

“We need to talk about you staring that the girl.”

Neither of them said a word for a few more minutes. Then, Josh’s grandfather sighed and turned off the radio.

“Did I do something wrong,” Josh asked.


“Then why did you say I should stop looking at her?”

When Josh’s Grandfather sighed, Josh imagined someone blowing out candles on a birthday cake. The breath was so deep and the sigh lasted so long, the he looked to be sure the old man was ok.

“You are about to become a man. There are many things you need to be prepared for before you decide to pursue the girl.”

“Dad already had that talk with me.”

Josh saw the smile spread across the old man’s face. “Well, I imagine that he still left a lot out.”

Josh shrugged.

“There is so much more to this than just feelings or the physical. When you are ready, you will discover that there is a give and take between you and her that could leave you vulnerable. You must be careful.”

Josh nodded. He was confused by what his Grandfather said, but he didn’t want to ask. All he wanted was for this conversation to be over.

“Take this slow. That is all I mean. If you rush, you might take more from her than you  intend to and you might end up giving more of yourself than you are prepared to part with.”

“I will.”

The old man smiled and glanced over. Josh nodded again, trying to look comfortable and reassuring.

“You are a good boy. Just keep being one.”

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Biology 102

April 23, 2014 3 comments

Easter was fun and I have more candy to eat than the kids know what to do with. I think we may have bought a little too much.

Oh well, I am certain it won’t go to waste. 🙂

My work deadline is fast approaching and things are crazy. While I will try to keep things scheduled properly there is a chance that the story will be late next week. If so, I am sorry.

Here are the next 500 words in the biology serial. I am trying too keep the truth of this story a secret until the very end. I just hope I can pull it off. Enjoy yourselves.

L. E. White

Biology 102

Josh watched his grandfather walk away while thinking about what they would talk about. He knew he wasn’t in trouble, the old man had messed up his hair when he left and that was something he only did when he thought one of the kids had been funny. Josh was sure he wasn’t in trouble, but he wasn’t sure what this talk would consist of.

He just hoped it wasn’t going to be the birds and the bees. Josh’s Dad had already had that talk with him and they still couldn’t look each other in the eye.

Josh leaned forward as he turned back to his drink. He was going to grab the straw with his mouth but instead he ended up with his nose on the same level as the waitress’s name tag. He lifted his eyes, but did more craning his neck than straightening up so he was forced to turn his head a little to see her face. Helen stood behind the counter, across from Josh, with her head cocked to the side and a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“Hi, Josh right?”

He stammered and stuttered for a moment before she giggled. Josh felt his face flare up in another blush and dropped his eyes while taking a deep breath. He straightened up, opened his eyes to look at her again, and nodded.

“You’re a freshman this year, right?”

“Yeah.” He croaked out the answer before grabbing his glass and getting a big drink. “Yeah, but how did you know? We don’t have any classes together.”

Helen smiled a big, toothy smile and Josh felt his mind shut down. “My friend Tara is in your art class. She pointed you out as the freshman who had been accepted into the advanced class.”

Josh nodded. Her smile had short circuited his brain. She stood there for a second and started to shift back and forth.

“What are you thinking when you stare at me?”

The question was so blunt that it made Josh blink. He wanted to say something smooth or witty. He would have liked to have said something intelligent. Instead, he said, “Wow.”

“You look at me and think ‘Wow’?” She was grinning at him as she spoke but she also reached up and twirled her hair around her finger.


Her smile widened and she leaned forward. “I know you were watching me as I cleaned up that table.” She spoke in a whisper so that her voice wouldn’t carry. “I get off work at 9:30. If you come back, you just might get to see more of me.”

Josh swallowed. It echoed in his ears and at the sound, Helen pursed her lips and twisted her mouth to the side.

“See you later Josh.” He watched her walk away. Every shift of her hips left his mouth feeling drier but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was perfect, radiant, and she even knew his name.

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Dork Tower | The Place for All Things Dork

April 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Dork Tower | The Place for All Things Dork.


Yup, John nailed it with this one.

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Biology 101

April 16, 2014 1 comment

I am posting another serial. I don’t think this one will be more than two or three installments, but I still felt that it was too long to post as a single story.

There will be parts of this that probably brush the line on the behavior of minors, but I promise not to cross it. This will not devolve into erotica.

That said, I do intend to snuggle up to the line. You have been warned

Otherwise, life is hectic. My work obligations made me miss a submission deadline. I am fairly upset about that but there are only so many hours in the day and I have to be careful with where I am putting mine right now.

Enjoy the story and I hope you follow along to the end.

L. E. White

Biology 101

Josh sat at the counter; blowing bubbles in his milk with his straw while watching Helen bend over the table behind him. She was stretching, reaching for the glasses sitting beside the window, and that pulled her pants tight enough across her ass for him to see the outline of her underwear.

“Will you stop that please?”

Josh glanced out of the corner of his eye at his grandfather. The old man lowered his coffee cup back down to the counter and lifted his napkin up to dab at the thick, bristling mustache that resided there. Nobody ever disobeyed the old man and every child in the family knew that you would only be told once. Josh straightened up, let his straw fall out of his mouth, and reached for his napkin.

“Thank you Josh,”

Josh’s Grandfather was always quiet, but when he spoke, it was very formal. Josh had no doubt that his grandfather loved him. There was always candy in his pocket, a hug that crushed the air from your lungs, and trips for ice cream. Grandfather left no doubt in any of the children’s minds as to his love for them, but he was also quick to discipline. The punishment depended on how serious the offence was, but it was always handed out with the same blinding speed of a snake striking at a mouse.

Some of Josh’s cousins would still hold out. They would try to see exactly where the line was and then push the man to his limit. The problem was that the line was close and it never wavered.

They didn’t understand, but Josh did. One night, after Grandfather had paddled Thomas for smoking, Josh had walked into the study to find him drinking and crying.

“I told you to go to bed.” His Grandfather had said. “Why are you down here?”

“I got up to go to the bathroom but Sherrie is in there, so I came down to use the other one.” Josh spoke in a clear a voice as he could. He had been no more than nine and he wouldn’t have disobeyed his Grandfather for anything. After hearing Thomas’s fit and screaming at the paddling, Josh had waited until he was ready to pee his pants before getting out of bed.

“Why did you come in here then?”

Josh swallowed and lowered his eyes while trying to think of the words he wanted to say.

“Look at me when you speak to me Josh.”

The boy lifted his eyes to stare into the red rimmed eyes beside the fire. “I heard crying and came to make sure you were alright.”

His Grandfather smiled, sniffled and motioned towards the door. “Shut that and come here please.”

Josh did, moving with small, slow steps for fear of the spanking he was sure he was about to get. He was dawdling, which he knew would make it worse, but he was too afraid to hurry.

When he stepped beside the overstuffed chair, his grandfather reached out with both hands and lifted him up onto his lap. He hugged Josh tight, making his bones pop.

“Sorry,” Grandfather said. “I did not mean to hurt you.”

“It’s ok,” Josh said. He leaned his head over on the old man’s shoulder while looking at the fire out of the corner of his eye. “Are you ok?”

“Yes, but it is hard on me when I have to punish any of you. I don’t like it.”

Josh sat up and looked the old man in the eyes again. He looked at the tears there, and frowned, sticking his bottom lip out.

The mustache moved and bristled like an old wooly worm when the lips below twisted up into a smile. “You think I like spanking you?”

“I don’t know. I never thought about it.”

Grandfather leaned his head back against the thick cushion of the chair and sighed. “I don’t. I want to teach you to be good people that others can count on. I want other people to know that they can trust you to keep your word and to do what is right.”

“So that’s why you spank us for lying and not keeping our word?”

“It is.”

Josh turned to look at the fire, and the pair sat with talking for quite a while before Josh felt his Grandfather pat him on the leg. “It is time for us to both be in bed.”

Josh got up and waited for his Grandfather to stand before stepping back and wrapping his arms around the old man’s waist. “I’m sorry. I will try to be better from now on.”

A thick, calloused hand stroked the soft blonde hair as a chocked and haggard voice said, “That would make me very happy.”

Josh snapped out of his memory when Helen came over and re-filled the coffee cup. He tried to smile at her, but he was sure it looked like the goofy, gap toothed grin that his mother kept up above the mantle from his third grade year. She smirked at him, turned on the ball of her foot and walked away with a wiggle in her hips that made his mouth water.

“Stop that,” his Grandfather repeated.

Josh turned to face the old man with his forehead wrinkled. “But I stopped blowing more bubbles in my milk.”

The mustached twitched and moved as a smile lifted its edges. “I wasn’t talking about the milk bubbles in the first place.”

“Oh,” Josh dropped his eyes to his glass, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks. A calloused hand tousled his hair as Grandfather stood up.

“We will talk, for now, just wait until I get back from the restroom.”

New Clothes

April 9, 2014 6 comments

I am really busy and don’t have much to say. I need more hours. So, let’s just go straight to the story.

I felt like writing a werewolf story this week. I hope you enjoy it.

L. E. White

New Clothes

Joseph slapped his hand to his side, trying to relieve the stabbing pain that was racing up his ribs in waves by putting pressure on it.  He hadn’t run this much since his days as a recruit and then it wasn’t normally done in full armor.  He panted, cursing his age and his pipe while fighting to get enough air  to keep his legs moving.

“Almost there,” he chanted.  “One more stair and I will be at the door.”

He heard the beast crash into the door as it hurled its body against the smooth oak.  He had watched it do the same thing against the keep’s outer door.  They had dropped rocks on it and shot arrows through it, but it would rise again and continue its assault.

When he reached the landing, the old guard offered a silent prayer to the Four.  He heard the monster hit the door again, and this time, he heard the wood crack.

Joseph put the bar into place, hoping that it would give him a few extra minutes to get Lady Hummel out of the tower, and hurried across the room.

“My Lady,” he called. “My Lady, we must leave. A giant wolf has entered the keep.”

He looked around, staring in shock at the shredded bedclothes and overturned trunks. He saw blood on the walls where it was thrown in graceful arcs that reached to the ceiling. “It came here first.”

The man held his chest, fighting against the tears that had started to chase each other over his leathery cheeks. He headed to the ruins of the window, but fell to his knees when he saw the pile of gore that lay upon the carpet in front of it.

Joseph crawled to it, and wiped his eyes before reaching out a single finger to touch it.

Years of campaigning and countless battles had hardened Joseph to the sight of blood and bodies. He had handed out both death and aid, yet when he examined what was left of his lord’s lady, his stomach rolled and he had to turn his head to keep from vomiting on what remained.

He collected himself as the monster scratched at the door like a cur wanting in out of the rain. Joseph ignored the door, and gripped two long braids of hair. He clenched his teeth to steady his nerve before lifting his arm.

The creature slammed against the door, but Joseph didn’t notice. He stared at the misshaped visage of the woman, rosy cheeks and dark hair left behind. Her skin has been shed like a set of clothes, peeled off and thrown to the floor by a tavern wench. Beyond the gash up the back, everything was intact.

The door shook and cracked as the monster slammed against it. This time, Joseph turned to look.

Another crash opened the crack enough that the beast could look inside. Joseph’s chin shivered as he looked at the light blue iris that was inside of the red rimmed, bloodshot eye that peeked through the door.

“My lady,” he said, before the beast threw itself at the door again, sending piece of wood flying across the room.

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Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip on

April 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip on


This is the truth of so much in life when you do creative things.

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Local News

April 2, 2014 Leave a comment

I am so bad at being an author on the internet. I should set aside time to correct my publications page and promote my work but it doesn’t happen. I just don’t manage to do it. It is hard enough to set aside time for writing and editing, much less keeping a page of links up to date.

I don’t get involved with most blog hops or holiday promotions. I need to, it’s important. I need to drive more readers to my site, but it always seems like I see the link to sign up a day after registration has closed.

But, things have to change. I am going to start working on this. I will have to add this as an event to my calendar so that I take care of things on a regular basis. Probably weekly.

Now, to add it to my calendar.


Oh well, you will start to see more links to the publications page and to individual work when it is relevant. Just so that you are not surprised.

L. E. White

Staring Contest

Amy sat beside the window, staring out at the trees. She wished she could see the birds that must be hiding among the leaves. They would be whistling their songs and moving along the branches, searching for the perfect perch. She also imagined seeing a squirrel. Sitting in the top with a nut and chattering at her between bites.

She felt the eyes of the fat woman beside of her as they crawled over her. They moved from the top of her head, down her neck before continuing over her shoulder and then down her tiny arm to her hand. The fat woman stared at her hands the longest, as if she would see something there that she hadn’t been able to see before.

Amy shivered as she felt that stare crawl back up to the top of her head. The fat woman’s gaze was like a rollercoaster, going all the way around, but ending up in the same place it started.

“It’s a little chilly, you should slip on your jacket.”

Amy ignored the fat woman. She didn’t have to do what the woman said.

“It is time for you to visit the doctor.”

“I want to see a bird.”

The fat woman shook her head and Amy heard her chins rub against each other. “No, it is time for the doctor.”

“I want to look.” Amy looked at the woman’s reflection in the glass. She was looking at the floor.

“Amy, you must stop. Dr. Carver is trying to help cure you.”

Amy snapped around and slapped the seat between them. The fat woman jumped and looked at the girl. When their eyes met, the woman gave a tiny gasp. Her eyes widened for a moment before she turned her face down to look at the floor.

It was too late. Amy had her and they both knew it.

She fought, she trembled and began to sweat as she tried to keep from meeting Amy’s gaze again, but it was only a matter of time. When the woman lifted her face, she was crying and her lips were quivering. “No,” she whispered. “Oh God please don’t.” Then, she looked into Amy’s eyes again.

They stared at each other, until blood began to leak from the woman. It started at her eyes, moved to her nose, and then ran out of her ears.

The little girl won the staring contest when the body fell over.

Amy turned back to the window but didn’t see a squirrel, so she watched a tiny finch and tried to whistle to the bird, wishing she could fly away.

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