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Another Creepy Day

Another creepy day among the 12 Days of Creepfest. Don’t you just love it? Couldn’t you just eat it up?

Follow Friday on Twitter. Flash Friday around the web and here. Anticipation of the weekend. Friday is a great and mouth watering day that just drives you to take a bite out of life.

That is a lot of food references. I think I need some breakfast. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy another piece of flash fiction.

Don’t forget my contest. Write the scariest haiku and win two free stories from me.

L. E. White

Rumbly Tumbly:

He was hungry; a burning pain in his stomach that forced him to focus on nothing but food. He had to eat. He wanted nothing else, not drugs, not sex and not rest. The hunger pushed him around like a school yard bully.

He couldn’t understand why nothing he normally liked would satisfy him. Not the sandwich, the beer, hells bells, not even the pizza had done anything to make him feel better. He rummaged in the grocery store cooler but nothing sounded good.

Nothing, until he heard it. A deep rumbling thump that made his mouth water. A heartbeat?

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